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Weekend.. On.. A guy. Yep, thats right.

I was brimming with anticipation as he placed his lips against my neck, licking, buting sucking.. He was bruising me all over, and I loved every minute. I pulled his hair and tilted his head towards mine, and kissed him hard on the mouth. His tongue plunged down my throat as he firmly gripped my ass.

Men arent usually my thing, but this was an exceptional man. I straddled him, my hair flying in all directions. With one hand clawing at my back, and the other pulling on my hair, he reached my pale, white neck once again. I grinded against his hard shaft, as he bruised me, until I was whimpering and panting.

I then grabbed him by his hair and made him suck my pierced tits. His hands moved to my pussy, he pushed my black, lace thong to the side and began to finger my clit in very quick motions. I squirmed as I clawed at his back. I moved my hands to his nipple rings and began to pull and pinch them. He was moaning loudly, and he didnt seem to care that there were people trying to sleep in the next room. I licked his chest, neck and ears.. All that he could to was whimper and sat "dont stop".

He was still makign an attempt to finger my clit, despite the fact that he was shaking with pleasure. He then did something surprising. He removed my panties and began to tongue my pussy all over. He knew that I was on my period and wanted to eat my pussy anyway. Being the selfish and sick little bitch that I am, I took it for all that it was worth.

He licked my clit for a long while until i grabbed him by the hair and made him tongue my pussy, moving his head up and down. Everywhere. With his head in my hands, I worked him all over my pussy and clit. My cunt was dripping with blood and wetness. I came quickly from all of the exitement, and brought him up to kiss me. There was a bit of blood near his mouth. I licked all of it off, before giving him a long, passionate kiss.

I straddled him again and took his long, rigid cock out of his pants. I began to stroke it, and I knew that he was close to cumming already.. I stroked him in fluid movements, with a firm, right grip. I kissed his mouth and then his neck. His breath was heave as was mine. His eyes were opening and closing, looking over at me with an "im yours" kind of exresssion, before rolling his head back again.

I was breathing against his neck, placed my lips next to his ear and whispered "you want to cum, dont you, gripping him more firmly and stroking his shaft faster and faster. "Yes, yes" was all that he could say. In response, i loosened my grip and slowed down my motions and asked him to repeat what he said. His response was "Yes, yes, I want to cum. Please". I went back to business, feeling that he was almost ready to cum after a minute or two. I whispered in his ear "MM, I want you to cum", "I am going to let you cum all over me", "mm, cum. cum. cum." He began to spasm, with his head thrashing back and forth. He came all over my stomach, tits and face. He lay motionless for the next few minutes with his eyes closed, trembling slightly every few seconds.

I watched him as I smoked my cigarette and said to myself "heres to something differant", becore taking another long, hard drag of my smoke.
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