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Jamie is a slut. You can tell what a slut she is by simply looking at her. Some girls just give off that instant slut vibe, and there is something so fucking appealing about it. I introduced her to three of my male friends in one weeks time. She fucked them all without a second thought. I liked that about her.

Jamie invited me over one night. When I arrived, I knew that I wanted her and that I would have her. She offered me a drink. I shook my head 'no' and motioned for her to come over to the corner of the couch where I was sitting. She straddled me and whispered "So what do you want, then"?

She was wearing a skirt and i could see her white cotton panties, clinging against her pale pussy. We fell back on to the living room couch, devouring each other. I grabbed her small, pierced tits and brought to my mouth, sucking them until she moaned loudly enough for her roommates to hear. We ran to her bedroom and she pushed me on to the bed. SHE pushed ME on to the bed. She was in for it.

I slipped off her skirt and brought my mouth down to cunt level. I ripped her cotton panties with my teeth and threw them to the ground. She was on her knees, towering above me. I cupped her big, round ass in my hands and brought my mouth to her wet pussy. She was panting in these little screams, begging for me to lick her pussy. I looked her in the eyes as I began to lick slowly. My tongue massaged her clit, before i began licking her up and down, taking in her wetness. She put her hands on my head and moved it up and down against her, to her liking, still letting out little screams every few seconds. I was threw off my clothes in the meantime. She was really asking for it.

I moved my fingers to her mouth, and she sucked them for a moment before I moved them to her ass. I slid one finger inside of her tightness. She squirmed for a second, unaware that I had planned on fingering her asshole. Normally, I would have asked, but from what other people who fucked her had told me, she was up for anything.

It wasnt long before i had her laying down again, kissing her tits as i fucked her ass with my hand. I slid in another finger, stroking her clit with my thumb. She was going crazy. I decided that she had had enough, and sat on her face, forcing her to tounge my pussy and asshole. I fucked her mouth with my pussy and ass for a while longer before grinding myself to orgasm, as she orgasmed from my hand on her clit and inside her pussy. She was breathing heavily, repeating to herself "fuck. oh my god. fuck" with her head rolled back and her eyes closed. I wasnt done.

I began to kiss her passionately, rubbing our bodies together, my pussy against hers. I again brought my mouth down to her pussy, which was still wet. She muttered to herself "Yes. Yes. Yes", and i burried myself deep in to her ass before again bringing her to an orgasm. We collapsed in to a sweaty, naked pile of entangled limbs as she still twitched from orgasm.
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